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Dates Delight: Crafting a Brandmark Inspired by Arabesque Design

For a UK-based dates brand, we delved into the world of Islamic architecture and design to create a brandmark that beautifully encapsulates the essence of their products. Our concept is a masterpiece crafted from petal-shaped elements, derived using arcs elegantly rotated at a 36-degree angle, depicting the grace of a date tree. The warm hues at the intersections evoke the warmth of sunshine, complemented by fronds that double as sun rays.

Subtle Perspective, Profound Symbolism

A slight perspective shift in the illustration unveiled a captivating star/flower shape at the heart of the design, symbolizing energy and openness. The top elements, originally designed as complete shapes, had their other halves thoughtfully removed to reveal a dome/mihrab-like form within the negative space. This effect, though initially more pronounced, was refined to maintain subtlety, aligning with the brand’s goal to resonate with a diverse UK audience.

Unveiling Versatility

Considering the brand’s three distinct ranges, we endeavored to create an iconic brandmark that seamlessly harmonizes with all product lines. Furthermore, the architectural elements within the design grant us the flexibility to produce geometric patterns, enriching the brand’s visual identity and packaging with a touch of timeless elegance.”

Project Scope

Brand strategy and positioning
Identity design
Logo creation
Packaging design
Brand guidelines

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