Connecting local developers offline through local community meetups, workshops, trainings and casual gatherings.

Devenings is a casual monthly gathering for all local software developers irrespective of the tools, technologies and products they work on. We were commissioned to study and design the overall visual identity and communication that is applied to all print & digital applications. We studied the brand holistically and designed an identity that was not only iconic but was deeply linked to software development and was something that developers could easily associate themselves with.

The logo represents two things that coding and development is all about:


Data and Functions


The square bracket represents opening of an array in several programming languages The round bracket or parentheses represents the closing of a function.
Devenings Logomark by Entwino Design
Devenings - Lahore Hello World Event Facebook Cover
Devenings - Lahore - Hello World Agenda
Devenings - Facebook Page Preview
Devenings - Islamabad 10X Developer Event Facebook Cover