FTI Australia

Holding a dominant position within the Australian mining and transport sectors, FPC (Fuel Performance Catalyst) has helped large scale operations cut-down on carbon emissions while ensuring lower down-times and reduced maintenance costs. Given its strong reputation with industrial users, the company responsible for distributing the catalyst has expanded its global network and intends to reach the individual consumer.

To this end, FTI (Fuel Technology International) reached Entwino to revamp their existing website and marketing collateral so that it was geared towards the individual users of FPC. After a thorough analysis of its requirements, we set out to deliver a site that would not only be highly usable but would also create the desire that is critical to any product’s success.

Client: Fuel Technology International - Australia
Date: April 18, 2017
Services: Web, CGI Stills and Animated Content, Hosting


Being active since 1982, FTI has acquired a range of expertise in the areas of fuel efficiency and emissions testing. For this reason, we went with a layout that would not just focus on FPC but would also highlight the company and its expertise and the services that it has been providing to its industrial clients.

Since the company wanted to refocus its attention to individual consumers, we made sure that the site content was simple enough for the users to understand while still keeping the advanced stuff on the site for the company’s large-scale customers.

FPC - Sitemap

Color Palette

The choice of color was dictated primarily by the company’s choice of packaging for FPC. With shades of grey and red being heavily used in the product packaging design, we decided to follow suit.

Furthermore, with the product color being black, our assessment led us to use darker shades for the website, along with a bright shade of red to direct the user’s attention.

FPC - Website - Mockup

What works for industrial and other large-scale users might not necessarily work for individual consumers (who do not possess a thorough understanding of the science behind fuel catalysts and how they work). The shift in focus on part of FTI meant that we needed to go with objective and simpler performance indicators that would address the needs of individual users of FPC. Based on lab and field tests, we finalized on 3 key percentage figures that were relevant to small-scale users and while using a clean typeface, decided to gear the content towards these numbers. Furthermore, to direct the user’s attention, we made full use of both still as well as moving imagery.


FPC - Typography