Brand development for a Pakistan based online jewellery store focusing on the European Market
We were approached by the Islamabad based Jewellery retailer Al-Madina to support their move towards online retailing. Focusing primarily on the European market, the brand had to feel modern yet well connected with the brand’s Arabic name (from the Holy City of Madinah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The final product not only delivered on the above but also refreshed the brand to bring it in line with other leading online jewellery retailers.
Al-Madina Jewelers Logo Mark Variations
Al-Madina Jewelers Logo Mark Variations

Logomark Process

Given the significance of Madinah in Islam, we were compelled to create a link betwen the logo and Islamic art. Though implicit, the logo blends two jewellery items, namely a necklace and a diamond with an Islamic geomertic pattern; which has been heavily used across the Islamic world, particularly in Islamic architecture.

Al Madina Jewelers - Logomark Process
Al-Madina Jewelers - Envelope Branding
Al-Madina Jewelers - Stationary Design
Al-Madina Jewelers - Print Catalog Design
Al-Madina Jewelers - Bag Design