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Agbro Group

Client: Agbro Group
Date: August 6, 2014
Services: Web, Branding, Content Management, Hosting

Keeping the end-user in mind, usability and ease of access were prime goals for this particular project. With the majority of poultry farmers still lacking in IT skills, we had to come up with a layout that would put the core content within reach.

The simple UI and the use of white space all lead the user’s attention to the information that matters; while the sans-serif typeface ensure readability on all devices. The number of mobile users for this site were much higher than we had anticipated and the responsive design and elements ensured high levels of usability for such users.

Our visual approach for this particular project incorporated clean lines, subtle interaction effects and ample whitespaces to convey Agbro’s modern approach towards poultry while maintaining a corporate feel to the website. Throughout their journey, visitors are presented with a clear navigation, enabling them to easily discover Agbro’s products and services.

With most website users in this case not well versed with the latest online platforms, we went with a simple tabulation of market data. Since most farmers in Pakistan already use tables to maintain flock data, presenting market information in this manner was a suitable option compared to a more sophisticated system.