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From Bidding Wars to Creative Freedom: Our Journey Beyond Freelancing

From Bidding Wars to Creative Freedom: Explore our journey as we break free from the confines of freelancing sites to embrace the agency model. Discover why we believe in nurturing creativity, valuing individualism, and offering unparalleled solutions to our clients in a world where artistic expression is often reduced to mere numbers.

In our journey to revamp our website, we realized that the addition of a blog was not just a mere aesthetic choice but a powerful medium to express our perspective on a pressing issue within the creative industry: the detrimental impact of freelancing sites on the very essence of creativity and individualism. This is precisely why we’ve chosen to embrace the agency model, which allows us to deliver a more curated and client-centric service.

It’s no secret that freelancing sites have become an alluring yet treacherous landscape for creative professionals, particularly those in the field of design. As individuals who have navigated the choppy waters of various sectors, including commodity markets, we have witnessed a disheartening transformation where modern designers seem to be herded like cattle into a virtual livestock auction.

In a world where many designers and developers are lured by the siren call of “design auctions,” we too initially dipped our toes into these waters. However, it didn’t take long for us to grasp the stark dynamics at play within these online marketplaces. They often pit designers and design factories against each other in a relentless bidding frenzy, where the primary currency is not just creativity but the bottom-line cost. It is, therefore, no surprise that many talented designers and developers ultimately end up compromising on the value of their services, charging less than they rightfully deserve.

The renowned VFX artist, Alan Mckay, recently emphasized the importance of negotiation in the world of artistry. Among his pearls of wisdom, one particular piece of advice stood out: the notion of charging less when starting out. It’s an understandable approach, as we all must embark on our creative journeys somewhere. Yet, this well-intentioned strategy can quickly become a double-edged sword. By initiating your career with low pricing, you unwittingly relegate yourself to a category that may undervalue your work.

Freelancing sites are a double-edged sword, offering exposure and opportunity while simultaneously undermining the very foundations of creative work. They might serve as a stepping stone for budding designers, but they also have a dark side, where creativity takes a back seat to profit margins. In such a scenario, the pressure to consistently undercut your own value can hinder the growth of both individual designers and the industry as a whole.

Herein lies the heart of our decision to embrace the agency model. By establishing ourselves as an agency, we’ve taken a conscious step away from the cutthroat environment of freelancing platforms. Our goal is to provide a more personalized, meaningful, and curated service to our clients—one that values the unique talents, visions, and creativity that our team brings to the table.

Creativity should not be a commodity, bartered and bid upon like livestock at an auction. It should be cherished, nurtured, and allowed to flourish in an environment where the focus is on the quality and depth of the work, rather than the price tag attached to it. Our commitment is to create a space where creativity can breathe, unrestricted by the constraints of price wars and bidding wars.

In our next posts, we will delve deeper into the perils of the freelancing landscape and explore how our agency model is not only a sanctuary for designers but also a promise to our clients: the promise of unique, personalized, and unparalleled creative solutions that truly reflect the spirit of our age.

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